early days of fall

these are the early days of fall in new england. they came suddenly, as if overnight. after the second frost of the season, everything caught fire. everywhere i go now, my eyes follow… Continue reading

common ground fair

this time of year marks a beginning. not just the beginning of autumn and change of season, but it marks the anniversary of our move to new england. september, for me, will always… Continue reading

back to school

it’s september which means back to school. back to routine and life and habits and chores and some of the tedium that comes with the school year. summer was a time for exploration,… Continue reading

summer, in review

as always, summer speeds by too fast. quicker than i can gather up images, moments, days and weeks. it was full of wonder and relaxation. family, friends, work and play. looking through these… Continue reading

perspective shift

“i like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.” -dr. seuss it’s been a watery summer. it turns me around, the speed at which life goes… and funny how there are pockets of… Continue reading


garden to kitchen. this is summer. i find myself in the garden after a rain, searching for new harvests. peas  tomatoes and lettuce is where we’re at. and it’s a good place to… Continue reading

her dementia, my grief

“but there’s a story behind everything. how a picture got on a wall. how a scar got on your face. sometimes the stories are simple, and sometimes they are hard and heartbreaking. but… Continue reading

cold antler farm

i recently had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Jenna Woginrich’s newest book, Cold Antler Farm. you can find the review (along with a very sweet book trailer video from Roost Books) over… Continue reading

bar harbor

no amount of travel could wear me out. really, I mean I’m not as young as I used to be, and I definitely feel the effects of sleep deprivation and wonky hours spent… Continue reading

dixie land

arriving home from colorado in the dark of 3am I was greeted with mist and fog so dreamy I nearly cried tears of joy. home! I lived in Colorado for seven years and… Continue reading