wild geese

“…whoever you are, not matter how lonely the world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh & exciting – over & over announcing your place in the… Continue reading

spring thaw

it’s April and life is taking a fresh start at this spring thing. slowly, we are seeing new birds at the feeder, hearing the first of the returning geese overhead, and thoroughly enjoying… Continue reading

i lovermont

earlier this week I had the pleasure of driving up to hardwick, vermont for some Taproot Magazine work meetings. there’s something so satisfying about driving the same roads your parents used to drive.… Continue reading

life as it is in winter

winter teaches patience to reluctant souls. the first day of spring has arrived (and passed) which means the sun makes an appearance to begin the thaw. but we’re still waist deep in snow… Continue reading

words from miles

the avoidance of deadlines and wrestling of words… this means I take the long and scenic route to absolutely everywhere. what a predictable cliche of a writer I am. {driving a car channels… Continue reading

kids and social media

I wrote an article about kids and social media… you can read it in the latest issue of Taproot Magazine {Breathe :: issue 9} “This is a world of smartphones and video games,… Continue reading

dear mom

“You are evidence of your mother’s strength, especially if you are rebellious.” – Criss Jami dear mom, I have conversations with you in my head: while doing dishes, while driving, and occasionally in… Continue reading

when in rome

oh boston, you do my heart a world of good. i walk in the steps of childhood here. hand in hand with the spirit and memory of my mother or grandmother. they are… Continue reading

the nine year change

you were born during a flood. that’s how you’ve always described it, and that’s what is true. we are far from your birthplace now but it lives inside us both. and we know… Continue reading

art opening

Next Friday is the art opening at Nahcotta Gallery for the Enormous Tiny Art show! I’m thrilled to have my tintypes represented there and honestly, I find it rather surreal (and very humbling).… Continue reading