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I am drawn to focusing on the emotion and the moment of photography (not just the technical aspect of cameras) this makes me approachable as a teacher to all skill levels of photographers.

I love meeting like-minded people in real life and have had amazing experiences
teaching at retreats and workshops, both in person and online.


“My comfort zone stared me down. I knew I had to do this, to go toward the scariest thing (self-portraits). Fortunately I was in safe hands. Taught by the lovely Meredith, I learned that making self-portraits is not the height of narcissism as I had thought in the past (this judgment a sure sign I was really just scared of it).┬áNow I know it’s quite the opposite, in fact. Making self-portraits is a high act of self care, self love. Of really seeing my inner self and honoring that. Of seeing my truth, my story, not other people’s stories about myself.” ~ Hillary

  • June 2011 Be Present Retreats (Gearhart, Oregon)
  • October 2011 Camp Shutter Sisters (Pacific Grove, California)
  • October 2012 Shutter Sisters Oasis (Palm Springs, California)
  • 2012-2014 Now You Workshops (online self portraiture e-courses)

Upcoming! Tintype photography workshops coming in 2014/2015 experience the collodion process of wet plate photography with hands on instruction with large format camera and portable darkroom. dates/venues TBA.

If you are interested in me teaching at a retreat or workshop, please email me directly: