photo and words


i opened my mailbox and found two copies of midwifery today magazine smiling back at me. something so full of beauty, that came to me just in time. it’s always the perfect timing even when i think it isn’t. even when i signed the contract and made final edits back in november, even when i knew it was coming. i didn’t know it was coming today.

thank you, universe.

i am not a midwife. nor do i want to be. they have the hardest jobs on earth. but i will do anything for my midwife, i’m an avid supporter and i’m a writer. and i’m just that cheesy that i wrote an essay for her and got it published in a magazine that she and all her midwife friends will see.

my insides are smiling.

it’s many things that give me that sense of fulfillment, but right now it’s my words in print. this is something i will never grow tired of seeing. and i think of the bitter and the sweet now when i see my name listed as ‘contributor’. i flipped to page 16 of the spring issue and saw my photo there as well. that was a first for me, photo and words! what a beautiful combination.

this is what i do. i know this now. it’s finally after all this time, becoming familiar to me. i ride the waves up and down, all the while getting green in the face from seasickness. i can’t keep the words from getting out anymore, nor do i want to. i cast my nets out while i’m riding the crest of the wave. i hope to catch something that won’t slip through the holes. most often it comes back to me full at just the right moment.

like today. a very good day.