how to have a beautiful day

wake up at 8am (that’s two hours of sleeping in!) the first thing you should hear upon waking is “let me give you a hug!” and “momma, what if the whole world were made of volkswagon buses?!”
sip hot chai and build with legos for four hours. listen to a young one tell stories of all his creations. the police boats, the trucks with skiis instead of tires, the amphibious trolleys that carry passengers on water… it goes on and on.

stay in pajamas until atleast noon.

organize your closet by moving all the winter clothes to the back and pulling all the summer clothes to the front (because in texas there is no real season called spring and it’s gone from rainy and 50 degrees to sunny and 85)

finally put away all the clean clothes that have piled up on the floor (because “hey momma? whenever there is a basket of clothes, i just want to dump it cause i’m a curious little kitty…”) vacuum your house. hang your collection of sewing threads in your sewing room (the second walk in closet) unpack four boxes from january.

make a huge pile of things to donate to goodwill. feel lighter because of it.

take a walk to check the mail and head down to the trail near your house. say outloud how lucky you are to live here, to simply walk out the door and be here. find out that the ‘rocky place’ is now pooled with water. watch the dogs splash. watch musicians create makeshift stages on rock plateaus. watch a hiker stop to collect enormous rocks to build sculptures with. watch him for a long time and get inspired. “hey momma, i want to do what that man is doing!”


see your little one bend over in surprise and come up smiling “hey!! a heart rock!” know that he is learning and watching and enjoying life too.
hike and hike and love your life.
carry your little one piggyback after three hours of hiking and a steep hill to walk back to the house. stop in the sunlight to take a photo of this most beautiful day. a day of reconnection. a day most needed. share the laughter and hear the sentiment when he tells you in your ear “hey momma. even when i’m grumpy i still love you.”