Monthly Archive: June, 2009

a letter

pages are torn out. loose leaves. they flutter to the ground like wings without bodies. they were stories. what was. what is no more. but they are stories nonetheless. the book is empty… Continue reading

in my dreams

river recently overheard a conversation i had with a friend.  from three rows back in the minivan.  he and his sippy, silently listening. he’s fascinated with dreams. “where did river’s middle name come… Continue reading

sea salt

i’m on a deck, on a dock.  and i can pretend that i’m at the coast.  the water is under me and the sun is setting.  this is good.  it’s what i need.… Continue reading

spin around with me

“keep looking at the bandaged place.  that’s where the light enters you.” ~ rumi river’s upside down on the kitchen floor. “can you feel the whole world spinning?” yes, i think i can.… Continue reading