home sweet…

“It turns out that the drain pipe from the sink is attached to nothing and water just runs right onto the ground in the crawl space underneath the house and then trickles out into the stream that passes through the backyard.

It turns out that the house is not really attached to the ground but
sits atop a few loose concrete blocks all held in place by gravity, which, as I understand it, means “seriousness.”

Well, this is serious enough.

If you look into it further you will discover that the water is not attached to anything either and that perhaps the rocks and the trees are not all that
firmly in place.

The world is a stage.

But don’t try to move anything. You might hurt yourself, besides that’s a job for the stagehands and union rules are strict. You are merely a player about to deliver a soliloquy on the septic system to a couple dozen popple trees and a patch of pale blue sky. “

~ Gravity  by Louis Jenkins


this place i am is lush with all its greenery. it is joyous. this is the place i found when i needed it most. this is the place i landed after jumping. this place i will not forget.

the cedar trees with shaggy bark grow crooked out of thickly decadent grass. the views, the space, the tree house balconies. i have come to call this place home. see? i said it. and it sounds awkward as it crumbles off my lips. home is a perception, it slithers away the minute i try to pin it down. this is me, the gypsy. this is me never living anywhere longer than eight years.

home is sweet. home is…

this is not a place of permanence. i know this now. when she handed me the keys she told me this. home is a place to rest, to catch your breath. this is my between place. she somehow knew this, maybe it was in my eyes. the keys jingled in my hands as she said “you never know what will happen.”

i am staying present in this place of impermanence. i am bowing down, grateful for what it brings me, and for what i have brought myself because of it. so, when it asks me to lie down for a moment and enjoy the green, i do.

because home is sweet.