frog prince

i was the girl hiding in the trees. branches became rooms in the most beautiful house i could imagine. for years, i’d come home with pine sap on my jeans and rhododendron leaves tangled in my hair.

tree of life-2

we both stopped in mid-stride when we saw it there, seemingly growing straight out of the dry ground. it was mighty and strong and amazing to watch. his voice was deep and thoughtful. he hugged with branches and walked on trunks. we were mesmorized, both myself and my son.

i haven’t felt that kind of magic since i was a kid. and so because of it, we walked up together to this magnificent tree, just to get close to him, to breathe in some of that magic. he looked down at us with deeply set eyes and spoke his slow greeting. i became a 34 year old little girl thinking of nothing else to say other than “you are beautiful.”

and so that is what i said.


on monday i caught a frog. it moved at my feet in the dewy clover. i knelt down to find him hiding. he jumped from my hands twice before settling into the safety of my open palm.

he peered up at me with big eyes on a tiny body. his heart racing out of his skin. after awhile we just sat there staring at each other. he at me, and me at him. i laughed outloud because i haven’t caught a frog since i was ankle deep in a new jersey creek. i grew up in that creek with g.i. joes and lego damns to make lagoons for rock sitting mermaids. i left my childhood there on the banks of that creek. i think it’s waiting for me still.

i let him go in the clover and he hopped away on springy legs never once looking back.


“Got Prayer?” their signs ask me while i am stopped at a red light about to turn into the market. do i have prayer? not in your traditional sense. i wave anyway, simply because they’re out there like petitioners for hope and faith and belief.

and so am i, in my own way. catching frogs and letting them go. asking them to spread the word that i believe. because i still do. and if that is a prayer, then so be it. and if that is hope, then better yet. “tell your friends” i whispered, “i let you go because i am looking for a man named truth.”