just be

we don’t give ourselves enough credit. the power we carry in our minds to create, draw, pull something into existence… as if from mid air.

it’s wonderful. magical.

harness that energy. roll it gently. shape it into what you most desire. i think you’ll be surprised by the universe’s response when you call out to it.

from what i know, it echoes back love.


this morning two worlds collided. i love it when that happens. it causes a spark in my mind, leaving me scrambling for a pen and paper. for me the catalyst is most always sound and font. 

i’m was reading (and wondering) about this time next year. wondering, wondering, always wondering. what will i dream of when i have my life by the coast?

and what i hear? it’s peace and deep inhales setting worry aside leaving room for all the trees of the field to clap their hands.


walk with me, will you? two women, kristin and dani (i’m blessed to call them friends) were the creative genius behind this concept. read about the love and then be sure to click on this little slideshow button (below) to journey with me down to our favorite creek.

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