collective genius

often it seems that both hands are full of light and dark, but good always prevails. i have to believe this. i’ve seen it with my own eyes. i know it to be true with my own heart.

i feel blessed to be shining on the edges of this collective genius. to witness this community from the sidelines, cheering it along, fanning the flames from my own little corner of the world. all this makes me very proud of the power people recognize in themselves. this is more than just a gathering of amazing women, all creating something positive and powerful… this is the collective genius.

this type of art show: mixed media ~ woman focused… is made of magic. it’s the most real kind of magic imaginable. this type of project is what keeps my heart afloat.

light like air.
light like sunshine.

and so i just wanted to pass it on and share the love. if you are close to Houston, you should try to stop by!

“Tide shifts created by a community.
A community created by moms.

At this year’s summit we’ll honor this community and its milestones at the Friday night event with this one-of-a-kind art exhibit at the FotoFest gallery.”