being seen

in a matter of weeks i’ll attend a reception in an art gallery. my photography will be hanging there. many photographs from many of my friends will be hanging there. i’ll be surrounded by women i admire, women i have only known online for the past few years. women i have never met in real life.

and i don’t know why, but i worry about being seen. will you recognize me? the real me? really? it’ll be the first time i step out from behind my computer.

that’s me. camera shy and introverted. it’s all good as long as i’m holding the camera. my security blanket, my way to get space while in a crowded room. it has something to do with my hands. they flutter when my cheeks turn crimson, when i think about how i can type much faster than i can speak.

i am anything but boisterous. or loud. infact, i’m downright quiet. but that’s no surprise. it’s my energy. you’ll feel it, right? the way i watch and smile and blend into the wall making myself seen only when i want to.

there is this give and take in friendships.
there is trust.

there is this amazing community that surrounds me, and i’m ready to walk right up to and say ‘hey! it’s so good to finally meet you!’ and truly mean it. (and then hope that i don’t trip and fall in my heels… my god, what the hell am i going to wear anyway?!)

i must say that i’m very excited to come face to face with so many amazing women. it’s truly an honor. but i’m nervous. i know it’s silly, but it’s true.

*and if you are planning on attending the Mom 2.0 Summit and/or the art exhibit on Friday February 19th, please email me so we can be sure to meet!