it’s 6am sunday morning:

“mommy get up.”

…. silence ….

“it’s too early to get up yet.”

“but mommy i want to build with legos.”

“can you get up on your own sweetie?”

…. silence ….

“mommy will you still look like this when i am 17?”

{we do this from time to time. me, perfecting my horizontal parenting. him, worrying about the future and if i’m going to up and change on him. i’m not yet sure how to explain that change is gradual. and one day i’ll look at him and wonder where the little boy disappeared to while he’s wondering what happened to my face.}

“well, probably. i’m not sure. i might have more grey hair.”

“mommy get up.”

“you know, when you are 17 you’ll be able to drive and you’ll get up on your own, in your own bed, and you probably won’t want momma around so much.”

“when i am 17 i’m sure i’ll still want momma around because i love my momma.”

“and i love you. and i’ll always want to be around you when you are 17.”

“mommy get up.”


“but mommy. first can we snuggle on the big bed?”

“sure. why?”

“because i love you.”

happy valentine’s day!