Monthly Archive: March, 2010

why things break

“if you force it, it’ll break.” he’d always say. i was clumsy, he’d remind me of this. “you always break my stuff.” he’d say, but it wasn’t true. well, except for that $400… Continue reading

inside outside upside down

“That’s not my real reflection, she said. I’ve changed so much since then most people barely recognize me.” ~ storypeople the release comes post-birthday. the freefall of lightness that enters a year anew… Continue reading

in good health

a week ago i flew to the east coast and turned 35. visiting my parents. having a quiet birthday that goes unnoticed except for the cupcakes and frosting. life is bigger than birthdays… Continue reading

the gift of film

i sit cross-legged on the floor infront of the tv. like a kid, mouth agape head tilted back, the screen reflecting in my eyes. it flickers and jumps like old school projectors of… Continue reading


it’s 4am here behind closed eyes. what time is it where you are… across space and water. when i am out in the world it brings me closer to you. ¬†looking out into… Continue reading

hey mom

i climb those rickety attic stairs everytime i visit you. the attic holds treasures. they multiply each time i leave, always throwing surprises at me each time i go digging around in there.… Continue reading

dear writer with camera

it’s how the letter started. dear writer with camera and it made me smile to sense that connection in another so far away. another i may never meet yet somehow know. another that… Continue reading