it’s 4am here behind closed eyes.
what time is it where you are… across space and water.

when i am out in the world it brings me closer to you.  looking out into faces waking past; hands in pockets, i think of you … i look for you out there. your shape, your demeanor. it is familiar to me when you arrive in my dreams. always at 4am.

it’s so real when i see you. your eyes, your shoulders leaning in towards mine in some sort of secrecy. in some sort of laughter that floats between us with smiles.

you are real to touch. your voice, your presence. as we brush close my hands seeking warmth in your arms. our laughter, your face so close to mine. the curve of shoulder into neck and hairline. i can taste that you are real and it gives me joy upon waking knowing that i love you in my dreams.