Monthly Archive: April, 2010

share your passion

“Wants to be a model for children & still keep doing all the adult stuff for fun and for the moment, she’s keeping her two lives secret from one another” ~ storypeople …….… Continue reading

what’s your story?

the other morning i sat next to these words. i sat next to these thoughts that jack kerouac wrote back in 1959 {don’t break your tenderness} being there right then helped me remember the… Continue reading


yes shifts the energy around a bit, leaving empty hands free to create again. yes, life is weird and mysterious and beautiful. yes, most definitely, yes. ~ life is weird ~ by Meredith… Continue reading


“A conversation is interesting to me when people are being genuine, when they’re more concerned with sharing difficult truths than with showing off… we’re all in the same boat. mysterious flesh-and-blood creatures, radiant… Continue reading

like a kid again

mine was a childhood spent in trees. ripped jeans and sappy skin that smelled of pine. i wonder where it went to, when it left me with this grown up body not so… Continue reading