yes shifts the energy around a bit, leaving empty hands free to create again.
yes, life is weird and mysterious and beautiful.
yes, most definitely, yes.

welcome to the project that was born from the ashes of my camera.
this is my desire to continue creating.
my world sandwiched between 44 pages of  photography & writing.
i am giddy {and nervous} to share it here for the first time.
a bit of me for sale on etsy if you are so inclined.


something happened to me in those days following shutter death.
aside from rendering me speechless for a day or two {or three, if i am honest} something big happened.
i realized what a gift it was for that camera to be yanked from my hands. leaving them free to twiddle and worry and begin again.
this is the creative process.


something good happened. the spark lit a fire. a project was born.
and i’m here to share it now.

my etsy shop is open.
come… take a look around.
there are lots of lovelies to be found.
notecard sets … postcard sets…  fine art prints.
signed copies of my book can be purchased through my etsy shop as well.

and one last thing…

please, say yes to possibility.
it’s the most amazing feeling in the world

xo, meredith

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