what’s your story?

the other morning i sat next to these words. i sat next to these thoughts that jack kerouac wrote back in 1959 {don’t break your tenderness} being there right then helped me remember the importance of writing it all down.

{and i might have finally convinced myself to put pen to paper each and every day writing 1000 words or less}

this very same morning i discovered that a friend of mine that i’ve known for over 2 years is an ordained minister. how did i not know this? there is a story there. as with everything.

these bits and pieces of us float around, they get lost in our everyday. every so often they mingle with one another. your story with mine. his interestingness with hers. and what comes across as ordinary is anything but.

these are the stories that make us who we are.

we walked, this friend of mine and i. we walked in silence with our eyes pressed to camera bodies because there is not always the need to fill our silences with small talk. we walked and i remembered after some time away (from writing) that behind every single one of these photographs is a writing prompt. and there is power in that. this is the strength of story.

i’ve never lived anywhere longer than 8 years (in all my 35 years) except for now. austin is the exception, austin is breaking all my rules. and it seems that i’m making peace with where i am. i suppose there’s no other place to be than right here. 

{walk with me through austin}

what’s your story? i’m writing mine every day.