giveaway may

when in doubt, i go searching for the tiny details. i turn my focus on something small, something revealing. closer closer, let me closer into a piece of you. this has always been my way of making life look clean. making life look neat and tidy when it is anything but. get closer closer to crop out the distractions that keep you from the truth.

because this is the truth of the matter: he blocks me out now, this five year old. he doesn’t allow the intrusion of lens anymore. not as much as he used to. and i respect that of him but i find myself lonesome for this connection. he and me sandwiched between a glass lens, the most vulnerable and trusting place to be. when he grants me permission i am all tongue hanging out like a puppy eager to please, to snatch up this piece of his heart he so generously offered. and when he does, and the image is sealed in pixels or film, all our moments sitting creekside come rushing back. all the goodness and sunshine and raw emotions of the day come spilling out from behind a solitary blue iris.

perhaps because he shields himself now is why i have begun to cherish these images so much more. they are beautiful and full of wonder, and they are more revealing than we ever acknowledge.

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