Monthly Archive: June, 2010

all boxed up

i’ve been finding boxes in our recycling center. i lug them in the rain, in the heat, in the morning and afternoon. boxes that are too big for my little honda, i hold… Continue reading

today’s fortune

when i was 23, she was dying and not always coherent.  my mom cared for her as her own mother because my dad was unable to. hospitals make him nervous. so do expressions… Continue reading


sometimes a “in real life” moment … or hour or two spent in a coffeeshop … is all you need to remember a lightness of being. and that this crooked little path you… Continue reading

embrace the chaos

i’ve started packing. again. i’m prepared for my life to spin upside down for the next two weeks until i move us into our new home two miles away. yes, i’m moving. into… Continue reading

how’s the weather?

i’ve never been a phone person. i surprise myself these days by actually answering it. (this has shown i’ve changed for those of you who know me in real life) now the miles… Continue reading

let me explain

when i was pregnant with you, death hung in the corners. always in my peripherals  at our home on the river. the wild pig incident, the puppies dying one by one, the hit… Continue reading

taking flight

we’ve all stood at the cusp of possibility, have we not? it’s windy there and oh so beautiful {in that butterflies~in~your~stomach sort of way.} with our toes to the edge of “anything is… Continue reading