all boxed up

i’ve been finding boxes in our recycling center. i lug them in the rain, in the heat, in the morning and afternoon. boxes that are too big for my little honda, i hold out the driver’s window while i drive to my parking spot just around the corner.

i make do.

i rather enjoy finding other people’s boxes. seeing what rooms they moved, what they deemed priority. where it went, who it belonged to. whether it was glass or not. who has knick knacks, who has books, which end is up.

i am, for the most part, all boxed up.
and also somewhat fragile.

{i snicker each time, even when i am tender, i snicker and think of that scene from “A Christmas Story”  i just can’t help it.}

truth is, i am fragile. but i am also excited and tired and overwhelmed and so is my son. transition is tricky on a five year old heart. he’s trying to wrap his mind around his world that is ever expanding. i try my best to guide him through this, while handling everything else in my path (life and travel and family and renting trucks and appliance dollys, and transferring utilities, gas, phone and internet… it is never ending)

tomorrow i get the keys to our new house. i can hardly believe it. and yet i never thought we’d make it to this day.

so, wish me well! and i’ll catch you all on the flip side of this move sometime next week.