Monthly Archive: July, 2010

top 12

it’s the last day of july and i wanted to share something that i take a secret pleasure in. and because it’s my favorite number, i’ve chosen a list of 12. sometimes this… Continue reading

i love your tacos

it’s true, i have an appreciation of the dark and humorous, especially when it comes to love. i can’t help myself, there’s just too much reality in all of it … how human… Continue reading

oh boy

he’s clutching a fist full of craft sticks.  it’s dinnertime and he finds me in the kitchen with music in my ears and songs on my lips. “i’m gonna have to use all… Continue reading

where i’ve been

dear blog, we need to talk. i feel distant. and i’m not sure what to do about it. but i’ve found that talking usually helps especially if others are open to listening. so,… Continue reading

alive at night

day 189 :: 365 sometimes you are lucky enough to witness a transfer of energy, from the creator to the receiver. sometimes you are lucky enough to be part of the exchange. to… Continue reading