alive at night

day 189 :: 365

sometimes you are lucky enough to witness a transfer of energy, from the creator to the receiver. sometimes you are lucky enough to be part of the exchange.

to watch this live, to see it in the color flashes of green and purple lights on stage, to feel it created with a chant and drum beat, to watch it take shape, to feel it with all your limbs while surrounded by a hundred other people… this is something i completely enjoy. it’s something i don’t get enough of.

but when i do.
i am in my element.

energy shifted this night.  in a sea of onlookers. an orange light sweeps across our faces. the words float above us, just touching our skin.  hand to hand. chest to chest. human contact tied together with strings of music.

the energy shifted this night. in a wave it rippled three times like fabric shaken loose.  there is something very good in this.  this place i have come to be. feeling alive at night once again.