top 12

it’s the last day of july and i wanted to share something that i take a secret pleasure in. and because it’s my favorite number, i’ve chosen a list of 12.

sometimes this web is very Oz-like, do you know what i mean? site meters, tracking, search engines… this is the peek behind the curtain … it’s discovering how some people end up here in my space. this space. your space. our space.

of course, most searches are for me, my name, my photography, my shadow, my past catching up with me. most searches know the keywords but not the url. but every now and then, there’s a nugget that stands out to me.

after going through the month’s searches on this blog, i always pull up some great treasures. i figured i’d share them here, and maybe try to remember to do this every now and then.

*note to self: try to remember to do this every now and then*

so now, for my own amusement and bewilderment as to the ways of the universe; these are the phrases, questions, wonderings that people typed into search engines to find me here.

it reveals a bit about me and a bit about you. and therefore we are connected in that human way that i love so dearly.


1. get the fuck out of my dreams

2. meeting you in real life

3. shrooms east coast

4. share your passion

5. embrace the chaos

6. leave your pain in the river

7. dream spirit gagging

8. what are double pisces like?

9. spirit of light

10. i’m talking to you hey mom

11. purple spirit floating above me

12. can a river reflect beauty?