Monthly Archive: August, 2010


since arriving home mid-august, i haven’t let myself really stop to think about things i’m holding in my heart. i keep myself going going going running the mouse wheel til it sparks and… Continue reading

dear world, please be kind.

we woke in the darkness of morning today. he mumbles with bedhead before his brain is fully awake, “momma, is i going to school today?” i smile at the sleepy grammar and kiss… Continue reading


so, i flew directly from NYC back in time to 1976. fresh off the plane, one foot in each world.  i am your grown daughter, a 35 year old woman that stands before… Continue reading


also known as How I Spent My Summer Vacation i’m over at shutter sisters today with my back to school assignment, join me there and share a memorable moment from your summer!

a new york minute

i don’t know the words yet to describe the feeling. the texture, smell, people, curiosity, intrigue and beauty that is new york. i kept saying ‘everything is beautiful’ like i was a broken… Continue reading

freedom fighter

love over anger light over dark truth over lies peace over aggression bravery over fear the self that is selfless we are all one mind freedom fighter

being present

objects are often placed in our path. gifts, they are. we may not notice them though, we may step around them many many times until something finally opens our eyes to the treasure… Continue reading