a new york minute

i don’t know the words yet to describe the feeling.
the texture, smell, people, curiosity, intrigue and beauty that is new york.
i kept saying ‘everything is beautiful’ like i was a broken record.
it’s true.
everything is beautiful.

at first i was all mouth hung open head out the cab window like a dog gulping air.
… smitten …
and all i can say is that the feeling never left me.  it just grew and morphed and intensified.

within the first 8 hours the day had become 2 planes, 1 cab, penn station, 2 subways, 2 NJ transit trains, and countless city blocks. my feet carried me through time into the world of memories and short streets and childhood homes.

the same the same the same.
nothing and everything changes over 23 years.

a life of bliss is a hot dog eaten while looking at radio city music hall, spilling relish on my shirt with the biggest grin spread across my face.  i love it here.

there is something about coming back to the buildings of your childhood.  the front stoops.  the fire escapes, the dirty brick, and hidden crooken cobblestone.  over time it unknowingly becomes you, and everywhere you go and live never quiet feels like the home that was your first impression of what is real.

this new york, this time around was the best laughter ever.  the friendships, the tears at goodbye, the hearts shared. i have no words yet for the conversations spoken and shared over italian food, over ice cream cones, over korean food.  the truths spilled givingly wantingly into reflections of elevator mirrors and lobby windows.

this is real life.

the curiosity, the intrigue, the love i have for my surroundings here is intoxicating.  {the inspiration it brings and those creations swirling around you} this NY energy feels most alive and i visualize it in feminine form. the creativity, the power, the amazing strength of women brought together through art and words.  it’s a power.  a force of beauty to be reckoned with.  it’s a reflection of you and me.  forward and backward simultaneously teetering always on the edge of forward momentum unable to see anything but the path ahead and feeling the strength and beauty that guides.

this, this NYC, was  a well that i filled through time and experience. a well that i will dip into from time to time when life is life.  this place is one to carry me when my legs are sore from walking.

there is no way around it, but through it.