dear world, please be kind.

we woke in the darkness of morning today. he mumbles with bedhead before his brain is fully awake, “momma, is i going to school today?” i smile at the sleepy grammar and kiss his soft cheek. “no babe, the first day of school is tomorrow.”

instead, we take our breakfast and our swim suits and watch the sun burn off the morning mist at barton springs. in my head it’s the last day of summer (although it’ll remain near to 100 degrees well into september) and i can think of no better place to spend this last special day with my boy.

we spread out our towel and he begins drawing. i lay down on my back and watch the clouds. there is a peace between us. almost as if there had been no time that passed this month of august. yet we have come so far. and here we are right now, on the cusp of a big milestone and i wonder how we got here. specifically. i mean, yes i know i gave birth to him. i know i stayed at home with him for the first three years. i know i then became a single momma. i know we endured many transitions. i know we have loved deeply through all of it. and somehow life has deposited us here, firmly planted in the most common of childhood memories: the first day of kindergarten.

tomorrow we will rise in the darkness of yet another morning. you will dress yourself in your favorite new lego shirt (at bedtime tonight you told me “tomorrow i will show the kids in my class how legos evolved”) in the rearview mirror, we will chat as the sun bursts through the clouds on our 4 minute drive to school. i will kiss you goodbye at your classroom door and will whisper i love you into your hair. you will be the bravest strongest most gentlest soul i know.

then i will turn and walk into this life we have created, with one silent prayer on my heart, “dear world, please be kind.”