expressive photography

a brown box sat at my door on friday. something i’ve been waiting for, and as i held it in my hands that first moment, my heart was so full of love for all these women, that my eyes filled up with tears. and i must say this happened repeatedly throughout the day. tears of pure happiness and hearts full of life make the best sort of days.

on friday, twitter was overflowing with the giddy chatter of books arriving. the love was pouring in, dripping off the pages onto our fingertips. friday was a very good day. one of remembering purpose and passion, and realizing that none of us are ever alone in our dreams.

and dreams come true.

this book is amazing. and words can’t really describe it. but the pages come alive! if there’s a photography book that i would recommend, it’d be this one. it’s a book after my own heart, seeking out expressive photography and shooting from the heart. for me, it’s what life is all about.

today i have fallen in love all over again with my shutter sisters, i feel so proud of these women i call friends who devoted so much of their heart and skills into the making of this book. i am beyond honored to be a part of this sisterhood.

please check it out! go see for yourself, take a peek and feel the love between these pages. you’ll be glad you did.