for everyone

i wrote these words with one person in mind, but as i read them aloud with a shaky voice, i realized these words are really for everyone, and a gentle reminder for myself as well. they are the truths we all need to hear and feel and recognize about ourselves.

we are all radiant treasures shining light on others. it’s a beautiful thing to be seen.

sometimes words flow from lips to ears at just the right speed. they hang in the air between us, little sparkles of loveliness. this {what we create here between us} is a sacred space. an anything is possible space. a take on the world space. sometimes we need to catch these words and thoughts and bits of shinyness mid-air and slap them down on paper. to allow ourselves the beauty of holding them in our hands as the gentle reminders that they are.

you are loved. you are loved. you are loved.

these words are the equivalent of looking into another set of eyes and speaking the truth. from one heart to another. and hoping that the love is received, believed, swallowed whole to remain inside of you … you know, for those days when it’s not so sunny. when you forget the goodness that is around you. for the days that are not today. for the days that are every day busyness and lunch and wiping noses and wiping butts and driving to work with the music blasting and singing on stage and walking to school. for those days, i want you to remember this sacred space we create and let it live inside of you. my wish would be for you to remember the words that are mumbled or stuttered or jokingly spoken from a place of such deep love and admiration.

you are many things in this life. mama sister auntie wife lover actress songstress, smiling eyes and bouncing laughter, pandora’s box of trivia, a disher of food, a negotiater of siblings, a pied piper of children, a caregiver to the world. your heart will heal us all. there is no beginning and no end just the constant inward outward breath of this tribe… with your heart pumping love and kindness at the very core of us. today we reflect back what you have gifted us over the years. the simple truth that when a heart is open, it is capable of hugging the entire world.

this is for you…  this is for me… this is for everyone
to celebrate the light within us.