you and i now

there is something about live music, something about it that simply fills me. last night i had the pleasure of being awash in stage light with a chorus of voice and horn.

at one point towards the end of the set, there was a stage full of twelve men. standing in a single row stretching from stage end to end. dancing smiling singing with wild abandon. seeing such joy, seeing a tribe of men experiencing such love, was exactly what i needed to see. this {seeing someone create music love joy} helps me be a better person. i’m not sure how else to explain it. but i come away from each experience feeling like this whole human race is stitched together with a thread of melody.

last night they shared with us the very first song they ever wrote. and forever now it will remind me of this photo. the feeling grasped between hands held tight, spread beneath earth and sky. it’s you and i now.

She sits him down in a stiff chair
Rubs his back and strokes his hair
Telling him it’s okay to cry
But he just sits and stares
The merciless moon outside
Has nothing now he’s come to realise
Only the desolation he feels
The cold distance inside

But you and I now
We can be alright
Just hold on to what we know is true