{east art studio tour}

there are moments when i am completely in love with the city where i live. this past weekend was one of those times for me. i had been looking forward to the E.A.S.T tour and i had a few hours to myself on sunday to map out a direction in which to walk.

this tour has grown tremendously over the years, now with over 150 individual artists represented. i wanted to see as much as i could on foot {with my camera to my eye and my heart open to the experience} everyone takes from it what they want. and what i wanted was to absorb as much of the environment {and the day} as i did of the artist and studio spaces. you can walk with me, if you are so inclined to see what i saw last sunday over the course of three hours on the east side of austin.

i went it alone, because i’ve learned how to be alone and i do so often enjoy the silence of the solo experience. i began at Domy Bookstore, drooled over their selection of books and took in the small art exhibit they had up as well. from there my first stop was the Birdhouse Gallery, a beautiful space on Cesar Chavez. an old home with glass doorknobs turned gallery, a one woman show that day by Cherie Weaver. it was full of sensory loveliness and a great place for me to start my walk and talk one on one with an amazing artist.

onward, i headed west to Fisterra Studio, another beautiful (lived in and fully functioning) home with an amazing collection of art by Jennifer Chenoweth, Virginia Fleck, photography by Jeff Stockton, Wells Mason, and articulture designs by Monique Capanelli. peeking into Jennifer’s art studio in the backyard was the highlight for me. the above photo is through the window of her studio. seeing works in progress and behind the scenes of creativity is always a favorite of mine.

stopping at the HOPE farmer’s market (held every sunday) was a nice break to sit and rest and snack and hear some live music. then i took my time absorbing the art from so many artists over at Pine Street Station and Glassworks Studio {too many to name}

after a stop by Progress Coffee i popped in Austin Conservatory of Professional Artists and then made my way up and over east sixth street, taking in the scenery along my way to East Austin Gallery and JuJu Photo Factory before stopping for a chai tea latte at Hot Mama’s. from there i took in all the love from art and photography exhibits through the One Love Gallery near the Pedernales Lofts. i ended my tour with Hoop Church Sundays, a tarot card reader, and some live music. it was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

E.A.S.T continues this weekend as well {Nov 21/22} and i encourage any of you local austinites out there to take a walk or bike ride to see some amazing creations. my next weekend is full but i will be making one last stop at the Pump Project Gallery to share with river a space containing artwork from over 23 local artists.

to view my slideshow, pop over here!