there’s nothing quite like being around other strange people who understand your quirks and don’t question your oddities or sense of humor. this is the beauty of siblings. last week my brother gifted me his bogen tripod. a professional grade beast that he hauled around manhattan with him all those years ago. the gift was much more than just the beautiful piece of equipment. it was his belief in me. it was an emotional embrace and sentiment of support.

we stood for three minutes, frozen in time, watching the waves go in and out, watching our shadows fade and reappear as the waves lapped at our alternative selves. a cruise ship floated off in the horizon lit up with what i imagined to be a party of good times. we were far from it, on the coast, in the darkness of 10pm.

the result was this image. which makes me feel as if we were on the moon.

it’s a bit how we are all feeling these days. we stand frozen, trying not to look either forward or backward at an illness that is present in our minds every moment of every day. we are her three children. i am still processing those six days i had there at the coast, and looking foward 13 days til we fly and land once again, this time my son’s hand in mine as we say hello and goodbye.

until then… sorry if things have been too quiet around here. i’m requiring alot of quiet to get things sorted out in my mind. you can always keep up with me over on flickr as i’m finding it’s often easier to process an image that speaks volumes rather than words i can’t quite mutter  with clarity.