out with the old in with the new

happy new year!

1.1.11 is a great starting place, isn’t it? a time to reflect on what was, what carried us through. a time to reflect on what will be, and what will become. 2010 was an amazing year of change for me. i’m not sure yet what my “word” will be for 2011. i know that hope and faith and grace were somewhere in there for 2010 and they will carry over with me into this new year.

january began three days into a 365 project for me. setting intentions to see a moment a day to completion.
february brought me to houston and houston again for an exhibit, meetings in real life, acceptance.
march brought a shift, a visit to the east coast, and a dead nikon.
april my divorce finalized after nearly two years. with it came peace for everyone.
may was glorious.
june saw my photo collaboration with bel kai designs and plans made for an exhibit in NYC.
july we moved. i found my strength. i carried us through.
august was full of big goodbyes and big hellos. NYC exhibit, friendships, time with family. big love.
september a shift to kindergarten. a focus on the future.
october brought sunshine and more and more and more client work.
november took me home again. east coast. thankful.
december bittersweet like fine chocolate and wine.

and here we come full circle.
my focus is shifting…
i’m setting intentions, thinking big.
and it feels good.
happy 2011!

xo meredith