project :: 365 in review

a day in the life of 365. this is the one that got away. one of my favorite photos from 2010 that didn’t make it into my 365 project. i’m over at shutter sisters today going over the concept of a year long photography project and what it meant to me. join me over there today to share and hear thoughts from others!


why was i doing a 365? i had never succeeded at such a big project before, in fact, i had fallen off the wagon with a simple 30 days project a year earlier. i thought long and hard about my intentions. what did i want to see of my life through this project and my lens?

there is something important to remember and be grateful for

now, today, i can think back over my 365 project and find moments where i felt truly alive. and i can use that as my guide for the new adventures of 2011. i can look back and also find moments of overwhelm, where i pushed through it anyway. and i will carry that perseverance with me always.

if you’d like to get a glimpse into my 365 project, you can view a slideshow of my favorite days here.


There was a moment in the middle of Penn Station; after airports and planes, taxis and luggage, subways and trains… when the cluster overwhelmed me. There were too many directions. All of them unknown yet vaguely familiar. I spun for a minute balancing my tears on the edge of a subway platform. I don’t want to forget that. That sheer second right before I found strength, walked directly into the center of the overwhelm and came out the other side.

The only way around it
is through it