your story

Your Story :: A Studio Gathering Retreat

Sometimes words flow from lips to ears at just the right speed. They hang in the air between us, little sparkles of loveliness. Sometimes the sunlight flares truth into our world, into our concept of self and space and time. These subtleties are gifts. What we do with them is up to us. But remember this: no one has your eyes, your mind, your dreams. Through our art we give of ourselves. Word by word, image by image. We lay these pieces down like cobblestones that later become the path we walk. It is only by moving forward that we find our way. It is only by doing, that we learn to see how far we’ve come.

You. Me. We.

Find it. Whatever it is. Art or film or words or chants. Find what makes you feel most alive and follow that path. It will lead you to where you most need to be. Your job is to simply begin. One word. One image. One dream. One foot in front of the other until your story unfolds.


join me on a very exciting adventure. registration begins this Wednesday 1/19 for the upcoming Be Present Retreat “Your Story” taking place on the Oregon coast, this June 15-19. Join me with three other amazing women and mentors at the retreat. Liz Lamoreux, Ali Edwards, and Kelly Barton will be part of this studio gathering and i am very much looking forward to it! the only thing to make it complete is your presence and your story!

in Liz’s own words:
“During our time together, we will sink into what it means to share our stories through our writing, photographs, blogs, and artwork. We will play with color and words, let our cameras guide us, walk on the beach, and let the sun shine upon our heads as we listen to one another and share pieces of who we are. As with all Studio Gatherings, there will be several hours of free time each day for participants to continue the conversations, “work” on how they are sharing their own stories, explore the coast, or simply relax.”