home again

i saw this wall on my drive to the airport last week. turquoise wall, red drippy paint, green luscious grass? i made a mental note of its location because i just could not get past the humor of the statement. are we bored? are you? what is it we fill our time with, the minutes we toil away convincing ourselves we are living.

someone stood in this grass and painted with bold red letters.
a statement. perhaps.
or maybe just boredom.

i flew home into the craziness that is sxsw. austin is completely packed. energy is high, the weather is nice, the windows are open and the music is flowing from every corner of the city. right now it is anything but boring. it’s serving a good distraction from real life. for this, right now, is anything but real.

i am 1500 miles from real life.

i walked around austin yesterday with film in my blackbird, fly camera. i wanted to get lost in the crowd, and it’s exactly what i did. it’s a strange feeling to have your city overrun by out of town folks. people just like you. coming from all corners of the world, to congregate in the name of live music. it’s makes you see your town with fresh eyes. but at the same time it makes me long for something i can’t quite place.

but maybe that’s just the boredom speaking.