a shadow of self

It’s hard to explain, but part of me needs to visually define my outer boundaries of who I am as a person, woman, mother, sister, daughter, lover. There is no easier (nor harder) way to do this than through photography. Dare I say self portraiture helps me understand myself. It definitely helps me to be kind to myself, and remember who I am on the days when it’s easy to forget.

It feels like a craving that won’t go away. Now, after three+ years of self portraits my portfolio has grown. I recently uploaded a collection of my finest self portraits over at Artists Wanted. It is the ultimate study of self. It is the space between here and there. Then and now. You and me. Us and them.

Feel free to check out 20 of my images and vote on my portfolio if you feel so inclined!

This project of self I can only define as me seeking grace in the conflict. Seeking beauty in the decay. These photos are where I have been and where I am going. A circular timeline put on repeat. This is the peace within. The flurry and chaos, the fluttering of heartbeats like a hundred bird wings. These photographs are the solitude and stillness of wind. The reminder that life is blooming, that growth moves us forward with joy and anticipation. This project is my practice in remembering it is ok to sit with the silence. And that through it all, life is still beautiful.

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