four rolls of film

four rolls of film shot over a period of three months.
6000 miles spent in air traveling somewhere in between.

this is the learning curve. this is me, giddy. me, relearning anything and everything about toy cameras. this is me dizzy and laughing trying endlessly to not get lost in the viewfinder as the world appears backwards and upside down. this is me trying to find my horizon. quite literally. this is me, exactly where i need to be.

slow down.  take a step. measure your focus in meters. click. don’t forget to advance the film.

there’s not much i know these days. other than expired 35mm film gifted from the fridges of friends match the mood of my mind. colors scream or fall mute depending on anything and everything and absolutely nothing but light or dark. moments of swirling madness and sorrow with the hearts capacity to expand and contract on demand. there’s not much i know other than photography saves me. it’s fun and this camera in particular, makes life lighthearted even in its scratchy grain. especially in its scratchy grain.

this is my blackbird, fly.
and i am smitten.


*the link to the slideshow on youtube is here if you need it*