learning curve

(totally fuzzy iphone shot, but one that i like regardless. posted on my son’s kindergarten door)

i’m realizing things about myself. i like to be challenged, and dare i say, put in my place with technology (with mother nature too, but that’s a different story.) photography is good exercise for my brain and perhaps it keeps me spunky and stubborn in my willingness to conquer things unfamiliar.

“try try again” is what i tell river.
how many times a day as we read books? as he puts pencil to paper?
as he learns things foreign, frustrating, and new to him…
i eat my words with film and photography and fucking camera phones.

camera phones!

who knew they’d be so fun? and where was i in 2007? mocking all those who had iphones. yes, i’ll admit i did so. i’ll eat those words now too, because this is just plain fun.

and what i need right now in my life is good plain fun.

i also need a steep learning curve to keep my on my toes struggling for balance. this tipping point is a good creative place for me. it leaves me all stirred up with creativity and no idea how to make things appear as how i want them to. (this is a good thing, if you look at it as such) so, it’s been an honor during this new adventure of mine, on my steep ascent (uphill both ways) of iphoneography learning curve, to see some of my images getting positive feedback. twice now my “iphoneography” has been shown on the Life in LoFi website, an amazing resource for all things iphone. my headcover (the photo above) was shown during the week of 4.10.11. it completely inspired me to do more. do better. try try again. (and yet not flood the flickr pool with nothing but iphone shots. i am still true to my nikon!)

and then my iphone selfie was picked up as a fave for this week 4.24.11 over at Life in LoFi. humbled! and inspired! and falling in love with the challenges that come with trying to make art (or something interesting to look at) with a camera phone.

if you are so inclined, you can check out my trial and error iphone images here on flickr.

and if you are feeling like the hill is too steep to climb. look for inspiration out there. find your happy place. see what others are doing. research it. devour every bit of information on your current challenge or passion. then let it sit and brew until something in you bubbles to the surface.

try try again. yes. but also try to enjoy the ride.