Monthly Archive: June, 2011

in her hand

while sorting and packing i found this note in my mom’s handwriting. i love how she appears this way when i need her most. when she would take a bubble bath, she’d balance… Continue reading

my life scoop

do you ever find yourself wondering how an image is created? what’s the set up? what are the settings? you can get a peek behind the scenes of my photography over at My… Continue reading


The Place I Want To Get Back To is where in the pinewoods in the moments between the darkness and first light two deer came walking down the hill and when they saw… Continue reading


you can’t deny the rip tide. the pull, the siren song that draws you in mom in maine 1960’s :: photo by my dad “patience, patience, patience, is what the sea teaches. patience… Continue reading


“Summer Solstice is one of the great turning points of the year, when the sun is at its peak and the days abound with the promise of life’s fullness. It is a serenely… Continue reading

his self, my self, your self

1955 my father’s self portrait today i am teaching a class on self portraits and truth. this art form i stumbled into years ago for reasons only my heart can share. this art… Continue reading

going coastal

photo by my dad :: 1960’s maine coast jumping girls :: my mom and a friend  i’m heading out to oregon tomorrow and i’m very excited! spending time teaching on the oregon coast… Continue reading

come home

film :: wind rock wyoming :: 1999 the sun goes behind a cloud i realize that i don’t even know where i am. there’s that burning feeling in my eyes and nose. just… Continue reading

goddess trumps bull

my voice of reason shouted at me today, or rather typed in all caps to remind me of this truth: “goddess trumps bull.” she’s good for that, my voice of reason. because when… Continue reading

morning ritual

austin :: barton springs sunshine swim mermaid waters swallowed by nature heart mind body love {iphone love :: thursday morning ritual}