you, me, and a tree

as i begin the sorting and packing process that comes with a cross country move, i am looking back into our years here in austin. i’ve lived in austin longer than any other place. it’s been home to me for a decade and yet it is nothing like home. a dichotomy of conundrums and misgivings. a love hate city.

that’s the truth. and i’ve come to accept it. for good or bad.

there are beautiful souls here. beautiful kindred spirits that came into my life when i needed them most. friends that i will carry with me no matter where i live. no matter how many thousands of miles separate us.

that’s the truth. and i’ve come to accept this as well. and yet still it’s time for me to leave.

i grew into motherhood here. i walked through fires, got broke, got well. as we begin to say goodbye to the things we cherish here, i keep coming back to my happy place.

it’s you, me, and a tree.

over the years i’ve documented this spot. our happy place. the hill that removes all obstacles. the log rolling hill. the temper tantrum tree. the snowcone in the shade of a tree. the growth of a boy measured against the thin trunk of nature’s strength. the growth of a mother as she finds her way.

everywhere i’ve ever lived, i take notice of the trees. they are never the same. always offering something of importance to you for wherever it is you’ve landed. willow resiliency. strength of oaks. softness of pines.

for every time we return here (again and again we will return here) my legs will carry me to this spot, this tree. and we will laugh at its growth as well as our own as we continue on our journey.

{all photos taken over a span of three years}