come home

film :: wind rock wyoming :: 1999

the sun goes behind a cloud
i realize that i don’t even know where i am.
there’s that burning feeling in my eyes and nose.
just keep walking.

remember that snowy driveway we had to climb and all the tears i wanted to cry?  the cold winter air burned my lungs. i didn’t cry then because the tears would have frozen to my cheeks. i had to keep going. just like now. this sand feels different. it’s surprisingly not solid and my knees hurt.

up up up.
metal stairs.
spiral claustrophobia.

i’m in one place and then another.
dream space time.
a light house overlooking the rocky coast.
round and round and round we go.
my mother’s spirit and me, all alone.

“just come home” she says.
her voice is comfort wrapped in arms.
dreams replace reality.