welcome to my happiness project

somethings fall into your lap. paths cross. people meet. careers bloom.
somethings fall apart. death looms. silence deafens. muck sticks.

this is life. how we handle it, how we view it, how we shift in our seats to change our perspective all plays a part in our experience. yes, life is in fast forward as we zip through our day. always counterbalancing the good and the bad. it’s the only way, right? look for the light … even while fumbling in the dark. find your truth by using your heart and mind and art.

stumbling is a common occurrence for me, i could look at this as something negative or something positive. stumbles lead me down roads i otherwise would not have taken. wrong turns can lead to new sight. (as was the case the day i circled the block not once but twice to get a better view of this love bug.) i parked. i clicked. i drove away feeling lighter… and somehow inspired.

the next day i realize what this is, exactly. what has started. how my view has shifted. how my iphone can turn into a tool to help me focus and see, and how the process will carry me through the next chapter of journeys i’m beginning.

what you see here is the start of my happiness project.
(and it’s working because it makes me ridiculously happy)