this girl

this girl, she is reflections in windows.
getting lost then being found.
the galaxies between us, the days shortening in distance
as we come closer to ecstacy.
what is normal is awkwardness, the sometimes bitterness.
the habit that returns in love.
this girl, she is holding hands on the coast of maine.
nuzzling beards, undressing insecurity, devouring artistry.
sometimes ragged. sometimes hollow-eyed.
she is acceptance of ordinary.
this girl, she is climbing trees.
she is laughter believing in love again
after years of being nowhere.
this girl, she is
this girl, she is groovy music.
barefoot in prose.
forever cultivating grace.
this girl, she is simply returning to who she always was
but once forgotten,
relieved to be awake
if for nothing else but the fluttering of heartbeats.

these words were born from a “this girl” writing prompt
Your Story Retreat. Gearhart, Oregon