choose your own adventure

music follows me. it repeats itself on car stereos and in stores. the piano keys, the drums beat themselves into my head until i succumb to fully listening. forcing me to tune out the droninig mundane chatter of the grocery store or the full inbox or the empty packing boxes or the traffic signals and idling engines running hot. it hits me mid-week. with key in ignition, it blasts in my eardrums.

i am lost in my mind.

music follows me and insists i slow down. giving me a chance to do my own processing, my own regurgitating, my own creating with flowers and sunflare and self in the backyard of texas.

“momma once told me, you’re already home where you feel love.”

i am moving. literally and figuratively. i’m moving to the east coast today. today?! moving towards something unknown and something else completely familiar. there is so much newness happening it’s hard to keep up with it all. so i want to provide this opportunity for you, dear reader, to listen to some tunes and welcome you to sign up for my newsletter. a newsletter?! it’s the most efficient way i’ve found to share all the news on where to find me: gallery shows, teaching gigs, new shop updates, and general life yumminess. if you read this blog you know i am a slacker at heart… so sharing a quote or bit of news once a month is about all to expect. nothing big, but life is sometimes noteworthy. i promise not to inundate you with tedium, but you can expect to see a bit of changes with my online presence. things i’m pretty excited about!

if you are so inclined to stay in touch with me as i venture into this new life of mine, i’d love to keep that connection going. i want you to know our relationship is reciprocal, and as terrible i am with following up with your generous comments, i carry you all with me as i write and create. and i’d love to share bits of my future adventures with you. something tells me that life is going to be pretty sweet.

so, you can sign up for my newsletter here. {i’m expecting it to launch sometime in september.}

i wish you all safe travels into august, my friends!
i’ll see you on the east coast.
love, meredith