looking forward into a hurricane.
looking back into the muck from where we grow.

everyday life is sometimes messy, we all know this. and yet so often we try our best to clean it up. we shine it and polish it and make it presentable. we photoshop and airbrush and texturize and soften and i do all these things too because i want to see what is aesthetically pleasing and so i sweep the dust bunnies under the rug. i arrange photos to put chaos into order. yes, i do. but what is real is what is true. and if photography is mostly optical illusion, then there’s something to be said for hidden beauty that is found in the mess. in the cluttered table top, the forward the backward dance of multi-tasking, the child hanging from the apron strings, the toys scattered after a morning of busyness.

this is the truth of how i work. old school headphones to drown out the mess. in this moment i realized how funny this must look. and yet how important it is to recognize this time of my life. so i put myself at arms length to see my life for what it is right now: messy.

messy is still beautiful to me.

what i try to never lose sight of is my everydayness. i’m not even sure if that’s a word, but it makes sense to me. it’s the stuff that creates our lives… and in the end, it’s all that matters.

a new part of my everydayness is embracing my story as an everyday storyteller.  you can now find me as a contributor over here at paper coterie: this amazing company, this amazing site. i’m beyond thrilled to be a part of this collection of women who celebrate, photograph, and write about their every day lives. check out this amazing video with one of my favorite authors Kelly Corrigan talking about why our everyday is important.

it’s the thread that strings us all together.

i’m always in a constant state of change (yet again!) i am from everywhere on any given day; but soon enough i will be finding my way back home to new england. so stay tuned for some excitement (!) and in about a week i’ll have some great giveaways so you too can embrace your everydayness and check out some amazing products from paper coterie.