someday… and right now


someday i will write of feet stomping snow clumps from boots. i will write of mudrooms and clothes wet from never ending winters. woodstoves and soups and shared lives. there will be beauty in the simplicity of saying good morning. because that is how i will see it. because that is how i have dreamed it.

someday my stories will write themselves.

my camera sits idly, waiting patiently for the dust to settle. for the boxes to unpack. my camera is patient and knows that i am eager to show her around these parts. i blink and rub my eyes as if awakening from the best dream ever. my surroundings have changed…

you see, i’ve moved.

i’ve moved to New England and it’s alive with love and family and laughter and barefoot children. and it seems so bizarre because it happened so suddenly although it was a long time coming by way of heart.

i am full of stories. yes, still processing the month that passed like a blur with health issues and big life stuff. yes, crossing the country only to downsize and pack it up again to make our way 700 miles further north.

i am full of stories untold.
(always trusting they will spill when they are good and ready)

i’m very excited to share the loveliness of our new life here in this space.
treeforts and fairyland.
sunny days and dewy mornings.
big red barns and the happy souls that live in them.

let me catch my breath, i’ll be back in this space as soon as i can. i’m simply absorbing it all because it’s like a dream come true.

xo meredith