past present future

photos often sit patiently in my archives waiting to see the light of day. i don’t do this intentionally. it’s just that life gets in the way, i take thousands of images that end up getting shuffled around in order of importance and due date. if images are just for my personal use, these sights unseen wait on the back burner. they wait for words to match up with them before they take on a life of their own. i picture it like a cozy library with walls covered in shelves. rows and rows of images, days, smiles, fog, love, and laughter all waiting until just the right time.

i’m ashamed to say that it’s dusty in there these days. i am constantly apologizing to my muse, and thanking her for storing my thoughts and views until i can get it together {surely i can get it together one of these days! there is so much i want to share with you!}

presently, the good news is that i’ve been reinspired to carry my nikon with me. the past two months of transition has put a noose around my creativity it seems which causes problems on many different levels! my present state of mind is rich with childhood innocence: viewing the new world around me with fresh eyes and bewilderment. totally and fully worthy of documenting. meanwhile i run on my mousewheel trying to play catchup.

as i look to the future {and a date with a plane to carry me to the west coast in just a few short weeks} for a bit of teaching at the upcoming Shutter Sister workshop/retreat {!!!} i find myself simultaneously looking to the past when i spent a similiar time in the pacific northwest mentoring at a retreat as well.

ah, cannon beach oregon. it’s got a magical quality to it, no?
{and this really makes me want to see Goonies again and again!}

while i was in oregon, i was invited out for a photowalk with Liz Ness. if you don’t know her you should! she is Great Plus Photos (and an incredible photographer and writer with the best laugh ever!) she does a remarkable job with her Out of the Box Challenges. you can watch the video here to see Oregon and all of us in action. Ali Edwards and Jackie Wood were naturals, i on the other hand was a tad bit nervous to be infront of the camera. Liz created and documented such a great day and a truly challenging photo challenge.

thanks for the opportunity to participate and shoot with you, Liz.