simply begin

i love when my words come back to me when i need them most. i’ve just returned from Camp Shutter Sisters. as i search for how to start my processing, i’m most often at a loss. so much goodness. so many connections. i feel like a kid sitting cross-legged in a crowd, watching people cruise by while i get grounded and catch my breath.

i go easy on myself and figure it’ll all percolate and bubble up to the surface at just the right time. {and for now i’m re-inspired and can’t wait to dive into my photos and share the love} stay tuned for a post about all things beautiful and powerful from camp.

and so today, in this mind set of “where do i even start?!” i find this post i wrote for Paper Coterie. it’s the best advice i could have given myself, and at the most appropriate time.

thank you universe. thank you for letting my a past version of myself speak so clearly to the future version of myself.

“Brick by brick you build something from nothing but the air of your muse. Art from space. Beauty from decay. A home from the sands that ebb and flow with the tidal pulls of the moon.”