today and every day

this is me reaching out and opening up. as things change for me, as things grow and shift, i find my place in all of it growing and shifting as well. all messages from the universe are telling me to simplify. my innermost self is telling me to slow down. focus. embrace and complete one task at a time.

and so this space falls silent. it’s always here as the reminder of what was, what is, and what will come. it goes unsaid that i’m figuring out how best to share this new life of mine {with words and images} how much to share, how little to share… it’s like this great unknown: this blending of lives, staying true to ones art and work, focusing on the positive. it all comes naturally, and yet i find myself at a loss for words in writing & sharing… without repeating myself.

i am happy.
i am worthy of this love.
he made me a journal bound with art.
{empty pages for me to fill}
there are stories we are creating today and every day.

i mentioned to a few shutter sisters last week at camp that it seems the spirit of this space has changed. i’m not sure how to manage it now, how best to present it {publicly}. and the reminders that came to me were reminders of truth: just be yourself.

and so i am trying to move forward with that in mind. while keeping it simple. while respecting new lives. new loves. new children with stories and lives of their own. i am more present in my real life than ever before {and it feels amazing}

i am loving more. being loved more.
i am mothering more. i am being mothered more.
life is more {beautiful} than i could have imagined.

what stories do you want to hear? i have many that i used to tell. they sometimes don’t fit so well anymore. death lingers in the cobwebs. sorrows lay tucked in shadows. i have many stories now that want to be heard. snow begins to fall. love blooms with three boys, two cats, one dog, two yurts, one artfarmer  and a camera shy momma living on twenty acres in New England. these are all the pieces of me now. i carry them with me on any given day: light and dark, laughter and piggyback rides, ferris wheels and cotton candy, hands to hold, lives to share.

these stories will come out when they are ready. and you will receive them with kindness. i trust in that. and i’m focusing on being present in my every day, hoping that this space will soon reflect that.