olympus pen project

i was recently part of the Olympus PEN Project. have you heard? 1000 cameras participated in this project to revolutionize the point and shoot world. this little camera packs quite a punch! Olympus gave me this super sweet tiny little camera to join in the fun, thank you Olympus! (i won’t go into technical details here, you can geek out at your own leisure on their site) but i will say that it’s totally rad. it’s got a super light body, it comes with a variety of lens options, it shoots in M, P, A, S modes, and it’s super fun with a collection of art effects (in camera!) to minimize post processing.

my camera is #795

i enjoy a new challenge, it keeps me on my toes (photographically speaking) and this Olympus was put in my hands upon landing in Monterey, CA last month. i hit the ground running and found myself gravitating towards this little camera more often than my trusty Nikon. oh the joys of a new learning curve!

over the past few weeks, i’ve tossed it in my bag as my go to camera. i’ve been really pleased with the results and i am enjoying working and tweaking my style and stretching the parameters of this new toy. if i were to categorize my cameras, i’d say my Nikon is hefty for work and creative art, this Olympus keeps me in the moment, my iphone provides everyday documentation, and my blackbird fly slows me down with a meditative quality that only a film camera can provide.

every thing, every camera serves a purpose. and i’m pleased to say that this Olympus has found a spot in my everyday use. thank you Olympus, for this generous offer!

you can see more images from my olympus collected here.