Monthly Archive: December, 2011

blank canvas

Our daily walk through the woods became single file. The snowshoes lead the way; they break trail, leaving footsteps for everyone else to follow. Step with caution, walk with intention, be mindful of… Continue reading

countdown to crazy

only a handful of days until new years! this means i’m beginning the freak out that comes with the anticipation of something so exhilerating and completely chilly. beyond chilly. downright fucking freezing. i’m… Continue reading

slowing down to see

If you are like me, the months of winter spin past in a sort of whirlwind chaos. It is goodness of course: the lights, the sparkle, the baking, the family. It seems the… Continue reading

lobsters on the coast of maine

how long have i dreamt of maine? with a babe in arms and a mind full of insomnia i’d cruise around new england via internet in the dark of night… searching for something… Continue reading

making and creating

The wheel spins. A child’s eyes grow wide with anticipation, a lilting voice unable to hide the excitement. Steady hands show him how it’s done. How to make something from nothing. Art from… Continue reading

finding our way

friends make our world. near and far. we skype, we play, we act as if nothing has changed when in fact every.single.thing. has changed we find our way with friends. old and new.… Continue reading

the view from here

coming up over the crest, through the woods, this sight never ceases to take my breath.  this {what this stands for} might be everything i love about new england. {and this one too if i’m… Continue reading

30 days

during the month of november, i did a small gratitude project. 30 days of gratitude. it seems like such a small task, to find gratitude each day… but as i’ve noticed with daily… Continue reading

she sprouted wings

the first time i met her it was summer on the coast of oregon :: laughter abounds friendships bloom even with their farawayness (i love that) her art draws me in :: mixed… Continue reading

don’t let the turkeys get you down

my mom had a coffee mug collection, i had my favorites as did she. but the one that stuck with me the most was that phrase printed across a horribly illustrated picture. “don’t… Continue reading